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Oraizan Logistics is a poised to be the leading player in logistics and warehouse industry. Located at a thriving city of Thrissur district, Perumpilavu, it is a powerhouse of efficiency, designed to streamline operations and revolutionize the way goods are stored and moved. With state-of-the-art technology and expertly managed processes, we're transforming the warehouse industry and offering businesses a new level of control and convenience. With its spacious design, advanced climate control systems, and 24/7 security, Oraizan Logistic Park will have the ideal environment to store and manage the goods at premium level. So, join us on this journey to a world where logistics is a breeze, and your business can reach new heights.


To be the leading provider of innovative warehouse and logistics solutions, improving the way goods are stored and moved for businesses.


To be the leading provider of innovative warehouse and logistics solutions, improving the way goods are stored and moved for businesses.

What a logistic project requires?

The world-class
warehouse project

Over the past decade, our strategy of providing tailored solutions has helped our clients save time and money. Our wide industry expertise and technology-driven approach make it simple for us to tailor solutions to specific needs. Our professional and dedicated personnel provides infrastructure, safety standards, and services of the highest calibre.


Our A-Grade warehouses is typically located in Perumpilavy, a strategic location with easy access to transportation networks and major trade hubs.


They tend to be large, with ample space for storage and handling of goods. We are building 2 lakh sqft of world-class warehouse.


The A-Grade warehouse is equipped with modern infrastructure, high-quality loading docks, fire suppression systems, and power backup facilities.


It offer robust security features, such as surveillance systems, access control systems, and fire alarms.


Oraizan warehouse meets all relevant industry standards and regulations, including health and safety codes, environmental regulations, and fire codes.

Customer Service

It would provide exceptional customer service, with flexible storage options, real-time inventory management, and dedicated customer support.

The people delivering expertise

A successful warehouse project requires the contributions of a talented and dedicated team. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering high-quality warehouse solutions that meet the unique needs of each project. Our expert team comprises of project managers, architects, engineers, contractors, safety specialists, logistics experts, and IT specialist.

Jaleel R.A

Chairman, Oraizan Logistics Park

42+ Years Of Overseas Entreoreneurship
Successful Business In Food Industry
MD, AL Wafa Group & Lebanon Flower Bakery
MD, Royal Quality & Bait Al Majbuse Restaurant
MD, Bake Inn Bakery L.L.C
MD, Wadi Ham Natural Gas Bottiling L.L.C

EV Abdul Rahman

MD, Oraizan Logistics Park

20+ Years of experience in project management & consultancy
MD, 3YEM Logistics LLP
Founder CEO, Markaz Knowledge City
Member Director Board, Ilaj Ayur Heritage LLP
Chairman, ENSOL Management Consulting LLP

Ismail Mechinath

Vice chairman, Oraizan Logistics Park

35+ Years of Expertise in Overseas Entrepreneurship
Successful track record in Furniture Industry
Managing Director, Al Mathali Furniture, Sharjah
Business acumen in Garments, Gold & Real Estate Industry
Director, 3YEM Logistics

Saidalavi K

Director, Technical / construction

20+ Years of business expertise
S20+ Years of business expertise
20+ Years of business expertise
MD, Alensso Electric and Power
Director, 3YEM Logistics

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